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Favorite salad recipe? Or any recipe involving all-veggies? Beans, quinoa, barley could all be involved too?
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Trying to decide if Matt Bomer (White Collar) or Dulé Hill (Psych) is better at wearing clothes. I mean, they are both REALLY good at it. Matt probably wins for suits, but Dulé might win for dress shirt plus slacks? I think Dulé needs to start wearing more fedoras before this question can really be settled.

File under Important Questions To Be Researched.
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Someone at TKD suggested taking iron supplements. Does anyone do this? Any advice?
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Safely in Rochester! And full of Tex-Mex. Happy to say driving today was MUCH better than last night, even though it was still snowing some.

Thanks for the good wishes! They were very helpful.
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OK, folks, I am dealing with my first grade-grubber. (I naively thought I wouldn't deal with any. Live and learn.) And it is anxiety-producing! Ick.

So, academics and teachers of various stripes! Share with me stories of your worst grade-grubber? It'll make me feel better!
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Giving used books to friends. Opinions?

What about used CDs?

(I don't mind getting either - my uncle and I have a system worked out where he always gives me used books and CDs, and I love it - but I am wondering how this comes across with friends with whom you don't have a system.)
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Your feminist links for the day!

First, at the intersection of hilarious and maddening, we have Academic Men Explain Things To Me.

And then, to cheer you up, a little Ellen Degeneres snark:

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Today I am SOOO grateful for friends that are hosting Samson at their house, where he will have the best of care and excellent company. And I am grateful for that 3x over, and now I am going to bed so I can get up in less than 4 hours!
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I really enjoyed this article about Venus and Serena Williams. It's only kind of about tennis - it's mostly a story about a family, which makes excellent reading whether you know anything about tennis or not.
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I found this articel (via someone on FB) a very interesting read. Yeah, it's comparing Austen heroines to Twilight's Bella Swan, but it's not quite as glib as that summary might suggest!
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Just a thought after briefly checking OKCupid tonight:

If you say you "want a good listener" I am probably going to trot the other way. This is precisely because I am a good listener. If you say you ARE a good listener, that is much more appealing!
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Just looked up my Music Appreciation class online, and there are 20 people signed up! Jesus, I'd better figure out what I am going to do with them all for 40 classes. Also, @#$^#$!@#*(!! grading. I am already depressed.

(I had had this mental image of a class of 3-5 people. Probably b/c it's been so much work to get people into the chorus.)
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(Was about to put this on Facebook, but decided it belonged here.)

Just went swimming around in various threads on the internets. Can I just say: people, you do not have a right to express your opinion without having those views attacked. Really. Nobody has that right. All you have is the right to express your opinion without the Government coming to your house and carting you off to jail. Get it straight. (In my opinion, you do have the right to express your opinion without being threatened, but sadly even that ain't the law. And I wish you had the right to express your opinion without being insulted, but even I don't want that to be the law.) So don't get all FREE SPEECH CONSTITUTION OMGZ up in here b/c someone points out your views are stupid.
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I know people like jumping down Romney's throat for various statements, and sometimes I don't care b/c I wish people would concentrate on his terrible plans for policies instead. BUT...I think this is pretty bad. I mean, wow.
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This article about Sarah Robles, who is the USA's best chance of a medal in weight-lifting, but can't get a major sponsor, is both fascinating and frustrating.

It led me to her blog, which is also fascinating. She really calls it like it is when she faces size prejudice but without bitterness. And reading about her training schedule, diet, health stats, etc. is really interesting.
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Can I just say how utterly delightful and awesome and admirable and fantastic Mrs. Obama's use of color in her wardrobe is? It is AWESOME.

Every month or two I flip through mrs-o.com, and her sense of color style is just breathtaking. Even when she's not in something that grabs you, you pay more attention to her neutrals b/c any subtlety seems more deliberate.

But of course the bright stuff is my favorite. Like this and this and this. And this! This and this are awesome for other reasons; design and texture.

In other style news, I have been thinking off and on for a while that maybe I need to cut my hair. It's fun to have it long, but it just doesn't look professional, and I might need to stop looking like a frowzled grad student. Don't worry, it won't happen this week or anything, but I'm slowly sidling up to the idea. Very slowly.
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OK, so, the housing search? Not going well. I think I need to take the roommate route.

While it is a little late to be deciding this, so it goes! Anyone know of anyone looking for a roommate in the greater Boston area?
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It is one of those times when I am not having a very good time and then I look around and a lot of OTHER people are ALSO not having a very good time of it. I mean, I got myself into all this stuff (stuff = too many obligations) but everyone else seems to be having just a plain old run of bad luck.

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When do the apartments start popping up on Craigslist for 6/1? I want the satisfaction of looking NOW, but they are not there yet. :(


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