Jul. 20th, 2005 10:06 pm
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Last day of theory classes today! I'm going to miss them, my sharp, energetic, madly music-theorizing little futures-of-the-world. I have the same problem with them that I have with so many of you all in my LJ community:

me: "Say, I feel it's important that you understand how much ass you kick."
you all: "Why, thanks."
me: "Er, you don't really get it, do you? Let me try again. YOU KICK ASS."
you all: "Thanks, that's awfully nice of you."
me: "I have no faith that you actually are processing what I'm saying, so I'll try one last time. YOU ROCK, AND I'M REALLY PROUD OF YOU."
you all: *smile and nod*

I can only hope some of it sank in. And that they all keep studying, and then take the theory AP.

I've noticed I tend to get hugely fond of the people in my choirs (i.e. the choirs that I form and direct, that are under my jurisdiction.) I'm noticing the same now of classes.

In other news, I have a request, and a present, and they are the same thing. Because don't you love giving people advice? You know you do. And the estimable [ profile] suhnkecher needs some, about moving cities and figuring out one's best job plan, and that's something that I know you all have a collective ton of experience with. So click on over here and give him some Career Advice.

Please? He was mentioning he was trying to figure out what to do, and we had the following conversation:

me: "Do what I do!"
him: "What?"
me: "Go on LJ and ask for advice and support!"
him: "But the only person I know on LJ is you."
me: "Oh, but I know tons of people! I'll signal-boost you!"

Don't let me down and make me look like a pompous idiot, people. Right? Right.


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