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First off, I just want to thank everyone for your comments on this meme. Hearing about memories you have that I'd forgotten from so many people made me really happy!

I did the 5 questions meme recently with [livejournal.com profile] saxikath - here are her questions and my answers. Should you wish to be queried, give me a comment.

5 questions and answers )

Had a concert tonight. Went fine. Have another tomorrow. Should be fine. When I'm supposed to write that damnable musicology paper, I do not know.

meme time

Nov. 4th, 2005 02:39 pm
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Because, frankly, nothing peps me up more when I'm in a depressed mood than having people comment on my LJ. Well, except actually talking to one of you all in person. Or some sushi. Or singing some peppy Bach. Or...ok, well, anyways, I love it when people comment all the same!

If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want--good or bad. When you're finished, [feel free to] post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you.

I think it would be especially neat if people who have never met me in person posted a comment. ;)
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I got tagged to do the 10 Happy Things meme: list, in no particular order, ten things that make you happy, and then tap five people to do the same.

Off the top of my head, 10 happy-making things. )
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This entry should only be read by people as interested in wasting time as I am right now.

Buffy Meme )

Lover Meme )

Norse God Meme )

Which Firefly character are you? meme )

In other news, I may be horribly tired, but I can still whip up a decent avocado soup from a new recipe.


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