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Well. That went better than I expected. And now I will definitely be testing for my second degree black belt in 2.5 weeks.
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I found this article totally fascinating. It's about dogs that are trained to help people with disabilities, including cognitive disabilities, and follows the story of a dog being placed with one particular boy. Pretty awesome.
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What is the point of having an adjunct office without a napping-couch? I ask you.
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White Collar is back! And PBS is streaming tons of Downton Abbey episodes online! And I have a giant stack of books from the library!

*checks Google calendar for upcoming slack-tastic possibilities*

Maybe we will have a ginormous snow day soon? (I can't believe I just said that.) Today does not count, btw.
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Greg B. linked to this on Facebook, and I find it TOTALLY delightful. A description of a book called "Are Women People" which sounds not necessarily sparkly but ends up to be a snarky suffragette Ogden Nash. A sample (the parenthetical after the title is the author's):

The Maiden's Vow (A speaker at the National Education Association advised girls not to study algebra. Many girls, he said, had lost their souls through this study. The idea has been taken up with enthusiasm.)

I will avoid equations,
And shun the naughty surd,
I must beware the perfect square,
Through it young girls have erred:
And when men mention Rule of Three
Pretend I have not heard.

Through Sturm's delightful theorems
Illicit joys assure,
Though permutations and combinations
My woman's heart allure,
I'll never study algebra,
But keep my spirit pure.

Isn't that great? ILLICIT JOYS! I feel sad I'm not doing a lot of math anymore, it sounds so dirty.
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The cat dancer is a success! Very well-spent $3.
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2 good things:

On the recommendation of [livejournal.com profile] kassrachel, I read Akata Witch. Totally delightful book, a quick read, and I highly recommend it! Time to go dig up other books by that author!

Also, I bought some organic local butter from the Vermont Creamery at the local tiny local-foods shop. OMG, this butter is AMAZING. Totally worth the price. Highly recommended. Totally unlike supermarket butter. YUM.
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So, I have been sick with a cold for, like, close to 2 weeks now. About a week ago it morphed into a cough, which played merry hell with my sleep schedule, which is now TOTALLY screwed up. (Witness time stamp.) I have no idea how to get myself back onto a normal schedule either. I mean, at this point I'm on a go-to-bed-at-3-am, get-up-at-3 pm schedule.

Also, owing to being sick, my willpower is as naught, so I'm STILL putting off all this work I have to do and watching tons of Hulu instead. And websurfing. At least I wrote thank-you cards today?

Seriously, the illness made the holiday kind of depressing and I don't seem to be able to get back on track. Doesn't help that all the looming deadlines are a week away...but also will involve more than a day's work to meet!
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Warning - MAJOR spoilers for season 4 of Dr. Who-New (also warning: ranty) )

Whatever, I'm going to go watch Ironman now. Hopefully that will be too fluffy to disappoint!
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Been battling flu since Thursday. Got really frustrated with it today - have so much to get done and none of it is getting done; slowly stuff is abandoned that I wanted to do because it's not completely vital. Or getting pushed to next week, which I had hoped would be a non-working Rochester week, but no longer can be so.

Thought midday today that I would not be able even to drive out to Rochester tomorrow after the morning's service, but that is starting to once again look possible. Getting the dishes done before leaving, less so.
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Just saw Sherlock Holmes (the 1st Robert Downey Jr. version.) Didn't think much of the plot/script - rather hard to follow (although I had gone through half a bottle of sake by the middle, so maybe that had something to do with it.) But I must say that Downey is a delight. Truly. Could probably have me in stitches reading the phonebook. I think I need to go watch the Ironman movies promptly. And Jude Law is also delightful - he has the odd property that I think pictures of him are not attractive at all, but seeing him moving in action in a movie he's totally hot.

Also, wow, that's not really gay subtext, is it? It's just gay...text.
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If you are part of a couple, how do you feel about getting a gift to the couple from people who are fairly close to you? (My gifts this year are edible, and it just feels silly to give 2 people small amounts of something that I know is going into the same fridge when I could give them a joint larger one.) But does that feel impersonal?

[EDIT: Thanks for all the feedback, folks!]
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Success! (I can't say at what, since it concerns Christmas presents, but I am very proud!)
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This totally has me laughing like I don't even know what. No pictures, but lots of bad words if that makes it non-work-safe.
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What are your favorite Etsy shops? Links, please!
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I had a REALLY long day yesterday, involving church and performances and things, and I am just mentally wiped out today.

Work has to get done. And yet...it isn't getting done. Hm.
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Anyone want to be added to my community choir's e-mailing list? Let me know! (This means that if I forget to tell you about concerts b/c I'm busy and disorganized, you'll still know.)
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The woman downstairs got electrocuted this morning when she went into the basement to power-cycle the modem (which is always crapping out.) Pretty badly. There was an ambulance and fire-truck here this morning. She has pain all up and down one side of her body.

There are a lot of things I love about this apartment, but the safety concerns have been making me more and more nervous lately. Far more for Samson's sake than my own - every time I drive away I feel really uncomfortable, and if I know it's for a longer period of time (8-12 hours) I feel more uncomfortable. Anyone want to come and eyeball my apartment and tell me what to do to make it safer? (Although probably the majority of the problems are in the basement, and I can't do much about those.) Maybe I should get Samson a locator chip? He usually doesn't wear his collar b/c he's an indoor cat.

Our landlord is the most miserly person you've ever met, and categorically refuses to spend a single cent on upkeep. He either insists nothing is wrong or just jury-rigs some sort of fix, often with duct tape.

Ugh. Maybe time to move again next summer? I hope we make it through the winter. Ah, Somerville.


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