Jan. 21st, 2012

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Greg B. linked to this on Facebook, and I find it TOTALLY delightful. A description of a book called "Are Women People" which sounds not necessarily sparkly but ends up to be a snarky suffragette Ogden Nash. A sample (the parenthetical after the title is the author's):

The Maiden's Vow (A speaker at the National Education Association advised girls not to study algebra. Many girls, he said, had lost their souls through this study. The idea has been taken up with enthusiasm.)

I will avoid equations,
And shun the naughty surd,
I must beware the perfect square,
Through it young girls have erred:
And when men mention Rule of Three
Pretend I have not heard.

Through Sturm's delightful theorems
Illicit joys assure,
Though permutations and combinations
My woman's heart allure,
I'll never study algebra,
But keep my spirit pure.

Isn't that great? ILLICIT JOYS! I feel sad I'm not doing a lot of math anymore, it sounds so dirty.
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White Collar is back! And PBS is streaming tons of Downton Abbey episodes online! And I have a giant stack of books from the library!

*checks Google calendar for upcoming slack-tastic possibilities*

Maybe we will have a ginormous snow day soon? (I can't believe I just said that.) Today does not count, btw.


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